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Record retention for RC Accounts

The retention period of an RC account is determined by reviewing the agreement terms and conditions.  If a specific retention period is not listed in the agreement then CGA uses the following guidelines to determine the appropriate destroy date for RC accounts:

  • Grant – 3 years from submission of final financial report
  • Contract – 3 years from final payment
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) – 3 years from final approval in the Fastlane system

 *Please note if a project is undergoing audit no files should be destroyed until the audit is complete.  External audit records are kept on file for 5 years from the date of the issuance of the final audit report.

Record retention for RG Accounts

CGA uses the following guidelines when determining the destroy date for an RG account:

  • General research – 3 years from the date of the final transaction posted to the account
  • Other RG accounts – assumed to be 3 years from later of final payment or, if required, final financial report unless specifically identified in the agreement.

Records Destruction

Per university procedure files are destroyed twice a year, 6/30 and 12/31.  Based on these guidelines the destroy date is then determined.
 Example – A grant final financial report was submitted 11/15/2015. The destroy date would be determined to be 12/31/2018 unless a different retention period is required per the agreement.

Once determined the destroy date is entered on the Account Detail tab of Account Explorer for departments and PIs to view.

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